Alternative Receivables Management

Reduced cash flow, slow client payments and uncollected receivables result in a cascade of problems for companies and institutions alike. These problems are compounded without a diplomatic approach to your valued clients or students.
That's where we come in. Alternatives Receivables Management is a full service cash flow solutions company focused on improving cash flow, increasing speed of client payments, and reducing uncollectable receivables.
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How are we different?   We'll let one of our valued clients tell you:

"AR Management is a "no brainer" for Bishop DuBourg High School. This year they will approach $20 for every $1 they cost us. Don Brockhaus and AR Management builds trust between our school, their on-site representative and our parents. Because of this—our parents are willing to work with us on payment. In fact, I have had several parents cited AR Management's representative at Bishop DuBourg (Jim Campbell) with helping them keep their student in our Catholic High School.  He gets thank you cards and letters because of how respectfully he does his job. He knows our families and they know him—they trust him and work with him on the very delicate issue of making tuition payment..."   --Kirk Boshert, President, Bishop DuBourg High School